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  • Sunny
    Sunny wrote:
    <p>Guys?????????</p> <p>What attracts you in a stranger girl/ woman in the club, gym, swimming pool, beach or shopping mall...that you wanna talk to them and what kind of relationship would you prefer with her??? </p> <p>Girls??????????</p> <p>What is the quality appeal you in a stranger guy on aforementioned places, which coerce you to talk to them and what would be your choice of relationship? </p>
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    At the gym, I will be interested if a girl does something that I would do, such as tumbling, martial arts or very challenging technical exercises. At the pool or beach, I will be interested if she has abs that indicate she might do the aforementioned at the gym. I doubt I would ever talk to a girl at a club or mall, that's not my scene and I would presume mutual disinterest.

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