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    <p>Hi friends</p> <p>Let's join the association Zéro Distance for a nice evening about the dragon boat festival. It's a good event for sharing the chinese culture between chineses and foreigner.</p> <p>-Chinese Paper Cutting class (1h)</p> <p>-Discution about the duan wu jie legend</p> <p>-Games</p> <p>-Special foods of duan wu jie</p> <p>Price Activity: 150rmb</p> <p>Special Meal for only 120rmb</p> <p>-Spring roll legume</p> <p>-Crevette tempura et salade</p> <p>-Main course: cuisse de canard confit servi avec une sauce à lanis et galette de maÏs</p> <p>-Creme brulée à l'orange</p> <p>248rmb for Activity + Special meal</p> <p>23 June at 18h 3rd Floor Tongli Studio SANLITUN</p> <p>Registration Required: 13269115261 Caroline zerodistance2005@gmail.com</p>

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