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  • joe
    joe wrote:
    <p>I tend to attach importance to the potential message within dreams. There is no set meaning to a dream's message, it all depends on the individual and the individual's understanding (which, in effect, is based upon the individual's personal level of development).</p> <p>Dreams are the sun-conscious, the soul, giving us clear messages about where we currently stand, and where we are headed, in relation to the soul's desire.</p> <p>DREAM 1:</p> <p>I am currently finding myself on a crossroads; having spent a substantial amount of time building a life in place A, now finding myself in place B. Dreams are frequent now. I'd like to share one, and give my personal explanation of it:</p> <p>I saw a bowl of brown rice, and from it emerged a caterpillar. The caterpillar grew into an orange butterfly, and the butterfly flew out from the rice bowl, and landed on my nose.</p> <ul> <li>that was the dream.</li> </ul> <p>Now: rice, represents food, fertility, and possibly holds a link to my place A. Hence, the caterpillar emerges from place A, and develops into an orange butterfly. I am the spectator of the rice bowl, hence I am considering myself now "bigger" than the experiences I had in place A ~ I learned there, it has added to my personal growth.</p> <p>ORANGE is the color of rejuvenation. The butterfly emerging from the caterpillar is the new life, emerging from a preparatory stage (for me, in the rice bowl, place A).</p> <p>DREAM 2:</p> <p>While in place A, my grandmother passed away. Before I traveled from place B to place A, I had met with her and she told me: if I pass away while you are in place A, I don't want you to return for my funeral. I want you to focus on building your life in place A.</p> <p>And so I did.</p> <p>My grandmother died around 5:30am. On that day, I woke up around 5:31am, remembering a vivid dream that I had just had.</p> <p>I was in the house where I grew up in, in my favorite room. My grandmother was there, sitting, and she was smiling at me. She was just smiling, and it was the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen on her. Her skin was orange.</p> <p>That's all. To me, this is a strong point of communication; we had prior agreed that she did not want me to come back for her funeral, thus possibly disrupting my building my life in place A. Hence, she came to me in my dream, reassuring me that where she is now, all is well. Orange, again. Rejuvenation.</p> <p>I have many other examples like these. If you like to talk about this, don't hesitate. Dreams hold valuable messages for our day-to-day life, and can really help us understand.</p> <p>Check out www.dreammoods.com</p>
  • Sonja Lund
  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    People got different feelings in interpreting what they see in dreams. Some get it right and some get it wrong.

    As for me, I got hard time to differentiate a dream and a nightmare. If I ate a lot that day, I might have a nightmare in the night lol, If I saw something during the day, I may see something similar into my dream. So I often get confused.

    But sometime, when I see something really tragic, and it gets really my mind, after someday, I may see something similar happening which I saw some night before. I remember dreaming someone closer to me dying,when I was thinking it was just a nightmare, I got a news my best friend passed away a few days after.

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    @Cat, I'd say those dreams were just nightmare, which can be repeated many times.They are not things that can happen in ur life__U can't fin urself having sex with ur dad for instance, or u can't act like Luka Magnotta...So they are just a bunch to throw in nightmare.Nothing real indeed.

  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    A dream which is not understood is like a letter which is not opened - Talmud

  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    Erich Fromm begins The forgotten language by quoting that one and this:

    Sleep takes off the costume of circumstance, arms us with terrible freedom, so that every will rushes to a deed. A skillful man reads his dreams for his self-knowledge; yet not the details but the quaility - Emerson.

  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    Good dream:

    One of my fave dreams is my underwater flying dream. Basically it goes roughly the same way as a flying dream but eveything is underwater. My field of vision is tinged blue and and I "fly" along way above the ocean floor, seeing caverns and dropoffs and shipwrecks plus lots of sharks and rays and fish. Its awesome....kind of like im a shark (i can feel stabilizer fins or something holding me level) and I have complete control in my 3d environment.

    Bad dream:

    I have another dream, one of being chased. Im panicing and being chased and chased and chased by someone (usually a gman of some kind), and using everything within my means to escape, sprinting everywhere, using cars, jumping off buildings and smashing through awnings, leaping off bridges into water...anyway, no matter how hard I try, I always eventually get cornered by whoever is chasing me. Whatever the crime it is they are chasing me for, I am not guilty of, or, whatever authority they represents wants to punish me inordinately harshy for whatever my percieved "crime" was. (In my dream we are under some kind of control freak totalitarian government like from '1984' or 'Brazil'.) So anyway, im cornered and im left with no choice but to kill this guy, something I really, REALLY dont want to do, but I have been pushed beyond the bounds of tolerance by fear and panic (also knowing that im going to be locked up for ages for doing nothing wrong) and since I can do it...I go ahead and ice this guy. However, as soon as I dispatch my pursuer, another terrible wave of panic falls over me as I know that now I will be in even more trouble and have even more people chasing me. It is around then that I wake up...

  • Simen Wangberg

    I had a dream that we broke up and I murdered your entire family.



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