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  • Maliong
    Maliong wrote:
    <p>招聘画廊助理</p> <p>招聘职位:画廊助理 工作方式:全职 主要职责: 协助办理画廊日常事务, 网络信息搜集和数据库整理等</p> <p>要求: 1、细心, 勤奋, 有责任感,形象气质佳 2、熟练使用office办公软件,如excel, word, 最好能用设计软件 3、英语四级水平以上,口语流利 4、热爱当代艺术,绘画</p> <p>有类似工作经验者优先 有意者请发简历到: f@hdemontferrand.com </p> <p>Gallery assistant : 1. Provide administrative support in daily operating 2. Information collecting and database</p> <p>Requirements: 1. Diligence, good personality and responsibility, very careful with one’s work 2. Good skill in oral and writing English, past CET4 3. Excellent computer skill, especially in Microsoft Office, including excel, word, better with design software skills. 4. interested in contemporary art and drawings.</p> <p>Qualified and interested applicants pls send CV to: f@hdemontferrand.com</p> <p>画廊信息详见:www.hdemontferrand.com Please visit our website for more information of the gallery: www.hdemontferrand.com</p>
  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    sincerely, ladies&gentlemen, according to my own experience, this kind of job sucks dick a big time

  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    @Mimi, depends who you work for.

  • Maliong
    Maliong wrote:

    Please cool down, this is a serious company and a serious offer. If not interested please don't waste your time on this ad. Thank you

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