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    xieduo1986 wrote:
    <p>Famous well-known foreign band looking for singers We are the "UNIFIED SOUND"(“五洲唱响乐团”) we are the most well-known band (made up of foreigners) in China . We are doing television shows; and we have a lot of opportunities to travel and perform in cities all around china.We are now looking for singers.Requirements:1:Looking for white female, and black male and black female singers. Height should be above 1.65cm, with a attractive/fashionable appearance.3 Must have a very good team spirit. Good understanding of Chinese culture.4 Plans to live in china for a long time, Must speak at least Basic/Intermediate Chinese language5 paymen is form 1500—3000 RMB for each show. if you are interesting in us. Please write a information about yourself and send with a photo to: singerfisher@yahoo.com.cn This is our video on the internet.http://video.baidu.com/v?ct=301989888&amp;rn=20&amp;pn=0&amp;db=0&amp;s=25&amp;word=%CE%E5%D6%DE%B3%AA%CF%EC%C0%D6%CD%C5 Those videos are all about us "UNIFIED SOUND"(“五洲唱响乐团”).我们是“五洲唱响乐团”在中国是最有名的一个外国组合。我们现在想找新的歌手。我们会经常上电视台做节目,有非常多的去别的城市旅游的机会。要求:1 有非常好的团队精神。最好比较了解中国文化。2)我们需要 白人女歌手 黑人女歌手 黑人男歌手。形象要好,1.65以上。3 打算在中国长期居住,最好可以说中文。4 如果你愿意参加我们请与队长联系。singerfisher@yahoo.com.cn 5 每个演出根据能力会付1500 – 3000,如果你有兴趣或你的什么朋友有兴趣请你们联系我们! 这是我们的所有的视频资料网址链接 http://video.baidu.com/v?ct=301989888&amp;rn=20&amp;pn=0&amp;db=0&amp;s=25&amp;word=%CE%E5%D6%DE%B3%AA%CF%EC%C0%D6%CD%C5</p>

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