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    <p>  female singer for a famous performing company in Beijing ASAP      我们是中国第一专业做国际组合的公司。我们现在急需找到非常专业的女歌手。 如果你对中国有兴趣,如果你是一个非常专业的歌手,如果你不怕努力,如果你想有机会接触中国的文化,学习中文,我们觉得你应该马上跟我们联系。 我们会给你提供一份合同,试用期为三个月,试用期结束后,我们希望的合作时间是1年至3年,(当然如果你想在中国出名,想长期在中国发展,我们非常欢迎)   我们可以给你提供的开始的月薪为四千到五千美国一个月。在公司附近给你提供一个房子居住。 招聘的要求: 1 如果哪位朋友提供演员信息,一旦录用,好处费10000元。 2 必须来了中国后尽快学习中文,因为只有学会了中文你才能够在中国有机会有好的发展。我们会对希望能长期在中国发展的人更感兴趣。 3 希望你能有团队的精神,因为我们必须需要配合,不喜欢爱迟到,不认真工作的人。因为只有我们一起努力才能有好的发展。 4 因为中国有中国的自己的文化,可能有些电视台,或演出需要我们唱一些你自己不喜欢的歌,我们也需要积极地去完成它,因为我们都是专业的,这些都是我们的工作。 5 我们只是音乐人,我们不接触政治,只是因为爱音乐才会走到一起,所以我们只是一起唱歌就好了,政治与我们无关。 6 如果以上你觉得没有问题,希望你能够给我们发你的真实的简历,照片,及你演出的视频,或者能证明你有实力视频。不要给我们网站的链接,因为有的视频网站在中国我们打不开。不好意思。如果收到你的Email,如果你很好我们会及时与你联系。如果你想对这份工作了解更多,直接问我们就好。请发到 singinchina@163.com 259383151@qq.com 7 欢迎各大经纪公司提供演员信息。 以下是我们乐团经常的一些演出的视频,你可以了解一下。。。欢迎加入我们的家庭。</p> <p>http://video.baidu.com/v?ct=301989888&amp;rn=20&amp;pn=0&amp;db=0&amp;s=25&amp;word=五洲唱响乐团</p> <p>We are Zhu Ti Wen Hua Entertainment Company, China's first and most prominent professional international performance group. We are currently in need of a professional female singer. If you are interested in China you are a professional female singer, if you aren't afraid to work hard and want the opportunity to know more about Chinese culture and to study Chinese, please contact us immediately. </p> <p>What we can provide for you: a three month trial period (contracted), with the hopes of being able to sign a 1-3 year contract thereafter (of course if you would like to become famous in China and to pursue a long-term career here in China, we will be more than happy to help).</p> <p>As starting salary, we will offer 4-5000 American dollars monthly. This being said, we will also provide living accommodations close to the company. </p> <p>Requirements:Begin to study Chinese as soon as you arrive in China, for in China it is only by studying Chinese that you can assure a good future. A knowledge of the language is essential for a long-term career here. The better your Chinese is, the better chance you have of having a better life here. if you have any information about any professional female singer who meets the following requirements,kindly introduce her to us and if she is chosen you will get a 10000 RMB commission Understand team dynamics. We all must work together, work hard and be punctual. Please don't waste each others time and understand that you a part of a team, be responsible. Don't let each other down. Because of China's unique culture, there will be times when certain TV stations or directors choose songs that you either do not like or do not fit your personal style. In these circumstances, please understand that the song choices are just a part of the work required. We are musicians, not politicians. We are together because of music and a love of the performing arts. Politics is none of our concern and it is expected that your political beliefs will not be voiced at certain public events.<br /> After reading the requirements stated above and our group still interests you, please send us your CV, pictures and videos of your performances. Please do not send us links to websites, as we will not necessarily be able to open them here in China. We will contact you after if we are interested in the information that you have sent us. If you would like to know more about us or have questions, please contact us at one of the following e-mails:   singinchina@163.com   259383151@qq.com<br /> 6 Professional agent companies are also welcome to put forward an applicant. Below is the link to some of our performances, please take a look and welcome to our Zhu Ti Wen Hua family! </p> <p>http://video.baidu.com/v?ct=301989888&amp;rn=20&amp;pn=0&amp;db=0&amp;s=25&amp;word=五洲唱响乐团</p>

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