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  • Step Up
    Step Up wrote:
    <p>Talks with Tibetans – Poverty on the Plateau</p> <p>All are invited to a Beijing meet-and-greet with two teachers from the Tibetan remote nomadic Tibetan areas of Qinghai province’s Yushu quake zone for a discussion about the conditions in some of China’s most environmentally savage inhabited locations, solutions to the poverty there and projects of the nonprofit Step Up (in English).</p> <p>But it’s also about cultural exchange, so participants can learn about Tibetan drinking games, such customs as brothers sharing wives, slingshot use, etc.</p> <p>The event will be Saturday June 9 at 1:30 pm at Langqindao Cafe at 朝阳区小营北路凯旋城G座8号楼底商(路南)010-5927-3709. RSVPs are not necessary but appreciated. (stepupchina@gmail.com)</p> <p>We are also hoping to recruit volunteers and fundraise to buy yaks for the children, since a blizzard killed more than half of the 2,000 yaks that serve as the primary food source in a settlement where many people already skip meals.</p> <p>Our organization, Solidarity to End Poverty, United for Progress (Step Up), focuses on providing children with electricity in their schools, clothing, study materials and nutrition to end the intergenerational cycle of poverty that dominates life in the places they live.</p> <p>The teachers are from Yege township. In Yege: · Fewer than 5 percent of households have electricity. · The children are the first generation to go to school. · Most adults are illiterate. · The children don’t have enough clothes, even though it snows though the summer and reaches -25 C in the winter, and most people live in tents. (If you have any old clothes or other items you’d like to donate, they are also appreciated!) · There’s little to eat other than yak dairy, because of the harsh natural conditions. Until a teacher brought some as a gift, the children had never seen eggs or fruit. · In March, a blizzard killed more than half the yaks – more than 1,000 – in Yege. · The school had more than 70 yaks before the disaster and now has 32. But most are males, so they don’t produce milk.</p> <p>VIDEO: The future looks solar bright for herders’ kids http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/video/2011-10/03/content_13808932.htm</p> <p>The format will be casual. It will begin with a 7-minute film, a short PPT, remarks by the teachers and then discussion with the teachers and other participants.</p> <p>Hope to see you there!</p>
  • Simen Wangberg

    I'll be in Tianjin, but I hope lots of people attend! I have forwarded the invitation to some folks.

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