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    Viola wrote:
    <p>I’m Viola, a travel consultant from Fujian Hakka Tulou International Marketing, which is supported by Longyan Municipal Tourism Bureau and Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, etc. Since Fujian Tulou earthen houses were listed as UNESCO'S World Heritage t in July 2008, tourism has been booming here in our countryside. Fujian Hakka Tulu are becoming a popular destination for European and American tourists. In order to attract more international tourists and further promote Hakka culture, we’ve launched two themed tour products covering Fujian Hakka Tulou. One is Explore World Heritage Fujian Tulou &amp; Hakka Culture 4 Days Tour. The tourist will walk into legendary Hakka Tulou cluster to appreciate the unique architectural art and experience the great and profound Hakka culture and live inside it. In addition, they can also visit a fairyland-Mountain Guanzhai, southern “Forbidden City”-Peitian Ancient Village and enjoy the hot spring in Tianyi Hot Spring Resort. The other is “Be A Hakka” Fujian Tulou Homestay 4 Days Tour. It’s a special and interesting homestay product. The tourist can experience the authentic Chinese southern rural life, get into the local school to make friends and join the Chinese typical rural school life. Collect wild vegetables in the farmland, discuss the architectural art with the host of a certain Hakka Tulou, enjoy delicious Hakka food, sidebar motorbike riding etc. We’ve also prepared Fujian Hakka Tulou presentation kit (PPT, videos and photos etc). If you are interested in it ,please eamil me. We look forward to hearing from you. </p> <p>Sincerely, Viola Travel Consultant Fujian Tulou International Marketing Email: lijiaxia_1987@163.com </p>

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