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  • Haty
    Haty wrote:
    <p>真正的可耻是:以强欺弱、欺负人。(real shamefulthing is shameful person)</p> <p>dont find any excue for this.</p> <p>1.whether will they treat diffirent persons use diffirent ways?according as their own judgement(IQ/ablities/status...),choose attack whom? person are not toy!</p> <p>2.i never said and i dont feel i am good,clever,have good ablities in many places at all. so in fact i dont angry with anyone feel me stupid/low abilities in many places at all,i dont care these at all. because whatever others how to feel or say my IQ/abilities,these things exist all the time, i cant choose my gene/family/environment/IQ, i cant become clever,just because someone say: i am clever.<br /> i just can try my best to improve myself.</p> <p>3.real confidence,dont need come from really good at something, person dont have eyes,his confidence :dont need must feel :it is good dont have eyes,just believe in himself, me too.</p> <p>4.many unhappiness are not from low IQ/abilities, if anyone have rights to confidence and treat be equlity, why someones always like laugh at other's bad ablities? do they really want to more persons better? better than them? (恨人有,笑人无?) start lines are diffirent(gene/family/environment/IQ). always some persons have good ablities in many places, someone opposition!! dont hurt anyone do your endeavor please!!!!</p> <p>try one's best improve,is it still not enough?????????????????????????????????????????????????</p> <p>5.even though i dont hurt anyone, still have persons want to hurt me, use me for fun, beacause they can,they have the abilities! they feel i am just little people,have many disadvantages,stupidity,dont need care this kind person's feeling at all.</p> <p>6.even though i am stupidity, more disadvantages need more help, dont need tease/laugh at all, they can choose dont help,if dont like. to use force,want to kill false thoughts is brutality/a bad cycle.</p> <p>7.even though i dont post that AD,just can say i dont wrote it, cant means that thoughts dont exist, want to use the way of stop publish thoughts ,to kill thoughts , it is just limit free speech,just can limit publish, cant kill thoughts.cant make me conviction their correct thoughts too.(不能使人信服)</p> <p>8.i just felt unfriendly/complain/dislike/hate,cant felt friendly and their correct thoughts, still cant slove anythings,problem still exist.</p> <p>9.of course if the aim are just to use me for fun, get happiness,through my sadness/wrong/stupidity. then dont need slove any problem,dont need employee of website help them delete my AD.</p> <p>10.i just post AD,when i say: i must get good result through AD? why they replace me to worry the result? why do they want to replace me ,arrange my time when i must sit in front computer? it is none of their bussiness at all. dont limit my freedom!</p> <p>11.in any time,this kind of thoughts cant say is good heart person(心地善良). why not more friendly for the person who you think is low abilities?</p>
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  • Sonja Lund
    Sonja Lund wrote:


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    Hahahahaha ... so, what is this all about?

    Haty, or "Hate"? I am sorry that I really cannot go on reading your English, so let's change channel, shall we?




    一男女朋友正卿卿我我,男想进一步。[br] 男:你是处女吗?[br] 女:恩,你是处男吗?[br] 男:当然了![br] 女:这是第一次,我怕疼,还是不要了吧。[br] 男:我会很小心的,不会疼。[br] 女:你们每个男人每次都这样说,结果我每次都很疼…[br] 男:那是因为他们都是新手~]

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Haty, the Internet makes people mean. It's actually a good thing. You can learn things about yourself that your friends and loved ones are hesitant to point out. That you care so much about what anonymous strangers think about you makes you an easy target for small-time trolls like Rockstar.

  • Sonja Lund
    Sonja Lund wrote:

    To:julie 同意你的说法

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