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  • Oliver Blokland
    Oliver Blokland wrote:
    <p>Okay, it's nothing dirty :^) </p> <p>Foreign Talent Agency has just started ( still under construction) and we've got jobs coming out of the woodwork and we're still literally painting the woodwork http://ft-agency.com/news </p> <p>So we're looking for: 8 Cheerleaders .. for a Soccer Match 15th June - 15th July every weekend Sat &amp; Sun..( performance total 8).. Choreographer and rehearsals..so no need to worry about your dancing skills... 600RMB a day..so 1200RMB a weekend EASY MONEY!?.. </p> <p>Also need 8 Female models soooo if dancing really isn't your thing still get in contact :^) </p> <p>Give me a shout.. send me a pic.. tell your friends.. SPREAD THE WORD.. Foreigners only ...Thanks</p> <p>OBlokland@FT-Agency.com</p>
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... just me here to 添乱... foreigners who want to have fun and make some money, should marry local Chinese, to get paid for "giving" them foreign nationality, or at least enabled to continue working and partying in China :)

  • Pernille Nordlie

    Hey guys,

    Appreciate the "feedback".. the event will not be all day. Please remember it's for a soccer (football) game.

    In future Ill try to make the job posts as clear as possible. sorry.

    Thanks,[br] Oliver

  • Derrick
    Derrick wrote:

    Now why did I not see this earlier... I've got heaps of awesome foreign dancers! But the guitarist dude is right, 600 rmb is way too low. Even local girls who are above 170 cm in height ask for 800 rmb.

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