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    MY Chinese Study wrote:
    <p>1.舒:“舍”得给“予”他人,自己才能获得。“舒(shū)” has the meaning of comfortable , leisurely ,easy or relax.The left part is “舍(shě)” means to give up and the right part is ”予(yǔ)” means to give. Sometimes you can get one thing you want only if you are willing to give up another thing.</p> <p>2.骗:一旦被人看穿,“马”上就会被人看“扁”。“骗(piàn)”means to lie.If you lie to someone, you are going to be looked down upon(“扁”biǎn) right away(“马上”mǎ shàng)once he sees through you . </p> <p>3.超:“召”示你,不停地走才能走在前面。“超(chāo)”means to surpass or exceed:As long as you follow your calling .“召”(zhāo) to keep walking(“走”zǒu),you can get ahead.</p> <p>4.令:“今”天多做一“点”,明天才有资格指挥别人。“令(lìng)”:Doing a few(“一点”yì diǎn) things more today(“今天”jīn tiān) is for having much more rights to order(“命令”mì ng lìng) others tomorrow.</p> <p>5.劣:平时“少”出“力”,到头来必然差人一等。“劣(liè)” means inferior. It is composed of “少”(shǎo little)and “力”(lì energy).if you always save your energy to do things,you will definitely fall behind others one day.</p> <p>6.吻:请勿只有“口”,还要用心“吻(wěn)” means to kiss. Don’t(“勿”wù) kiss the person who you love only by mouth(“口”kǒu) but by heart.</p> <p>more infomation check on http://www.mychinesestudy.com/blog/</p>

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