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    <p>The name of love, tracing. Encounter in the Midi Music Festival.</p> <p>April 29, 2012 My friends and I went to the Midi Music Festival at Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park in Shunyi District, Beijing, probably around 19:00, we met a foreign men of white skin ready to leave. His side have three lovely children, the children's father (another man) help the smallest girl to wear a jacket. Next, the man with a very fluent Chinese to speak with me and told me that her is his friend's child. In short, I want you to help find this is very fluent in Chinese-speaking foreign men of white skin. I guess, his friend, the mother of the children may be Chinese, because the children can speak Chinese. He stands about 5 feet 7 inches, the eyes are gray and blue, the hair is very short, probably brown, wearing a light beige jacket and blue jeans. When they leave his friend were driving like black Benz. He let me know I still believe in love. Please help me to forward, to spread this message to your friends.</p> <p>I hope he or his friends can see this message, contact me. Jessie.</p> <p>My e-mail address: july_moments@sina.com</p> <p>Thanks!!</p> <p>July_moments : 【寻人】2012年4月29日19:10分左右在奥林匹克水上公园(迷笛)南门准备离开时遇见带着三个可爱外国小朋友的两名外国男子,其中一位1米85穿浅米色外套和蓝色牛仔裤,头发短,棕黄色,眼睛灰蓝色,他用流利的中文与我交流了几句。离开后我才发现丢失了重要的东西。麻烦大家好心帮转起!求扩散!</p> <p>因没有他和他朋友们的照片,只得附上自己的照片。希望经大家帮忙后,他能看到此贴!此人离开时驾驶的是奔驰(好像),那三个可爱宝宝的妈妈应该是亚洲人或者说是中国人,因为宝宝可以用普通话交流。若@了各位多有打扰,还望见谅。对了,也希望这三个宝宝的妈妈能看到此消息</p>

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