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    Jo wrote:
    <p>This year i want to travel to Xinjiang. Until now the time is not fixed, because I am looking for a local travel partner. Sure, I could make a booking with a travel agency, but I hate that kind of traveling. If you are from Xinjiang and if you want to travel with a German guy, maybe we can do it together. I am photographer, so I am looking not only for the typical tourist places. Because you are coming from Xinjiang, I hope you know how to arrange and where can be really nice. I prefere woman as travel partner, because they are more patient for art and photography (just my experience). Please do not contact me, if you are working for a travel agency or if you are a professional tour guide. Sure we will meet first to figure out if we fit each other as travel partners (nothing else).</p>
  • №❶ Passioη

    I was about to say count me in, until I stumbled upon:

    I prefere woman as travel partner, because they can suck my German dick

    So, to get you a fitting local tail, Please kindly fill the form below:

    AGE: .....

    MONTHLY INCOME: ......

    Chinese Language Proficiency: .....

    English Language Deficiency: .....

    And Yes, Your PICTURE ......

    BTW, I'm not an agent.. I just happen to know several categories of what you seek ;)

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