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    MY Chinese Study wrote:
    <p>We provide you four programs:* Homestay Camp (13-16years old) Study at school and live with a Chinese family.* Full-day Camp (13-16 years old) Live&amp;study together 24hrs a day in a total immersion environment. * Day Camp (7-16 years old) <strong>strong text</strong>Students take part in classes and activities,but stay with their families except study time. * Family Package Specially designed for family trips, Includes parents and children.</p> <p>We also offer colorful activities, more information to <strong>strong text</strong>contact us: Email:info@mychinesestudy.com Website :www.mychinesestudy.com Blog:http://www.mychinesestudy.com/blog/2012/my-chinese-summer-camp.html Tel: 86-10-85900698 Address: Rm.901, Block B, Sanlitun SOHO, 8 GongTiBeiLu, Chaoyang, (Sanlitun SOHO opposite Sanlitun village&amp;Yashow,TUANJIEHU Station, Subway Line 10) <strong>strong text</strong></p>

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