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    <p>International express</p> <p>After you have bought lots of pleasant commodities in China, you will suddenly fine it is difficult to send it. Because they were so much that you don`t know how to do with it. When you turn to the express company such as DHL, FedEx, TNT for help directly , you will Surprise at the high postage which is difficult to accept. Now, don’t worry, we can help you solve this problem. Send yours commodities to us---Shanghai Huge Bird International Express, who has engaged in international express for years and has a wealth of experience in international express. We can make a good packing for your commodities and choose a better physical distribution way to send your commodities to destination, which will save a lot of cost for you. 1, The Japanese, South Korean, Malaysian, Singapore special line, no more than 0.5KG only need ¥55, much weight cost ¥ 30 /KG, the big goods have a lower price. About one day to your destination. 2, Document to American TNT price ¥130,about one day to your destination; no more than 0.5KG DHL only need ¥140, much weight cost ¥ 60 /KG ,more than 21KG cost ¥ 40 /KG .American, Canadian, Mexican more than 22KG FedEx cost ¥ 38 /KG. 3, The European country DHL is well, no more than 0.5 KG need ¥ 120, much weight cost ¥60 /KG, about 2-3 day to destination. 4, Australian, New Zealand small goods recommend TNT, no more than 0.5KG TNT only need ¥130, much weight cost ¥ 60 /KG, About two day to your destination. More than 10KG, DHL only need ¥ 32 /KG. 5, The Southeast Asia special line, Vietnam, Philippine special line, no more than 0.5KG only need ¥65, much weight cost ¥ 30 /KG .More than 22KG FedEx cost ¥ 28 /KG . About one day to destination 6, The Taiwan special line, 1KG gets up only ¥14 /KG, more than10KG only need ¥13 /KG. </p> <p>Contact person: Luo Likun </p> <p>Mobile phone:18016312642</p> <p>Fixed telephone: 021-54472708</p> <p>QQ:624898933 </p> <p>Email:micljaction@163.com</p> <p>Website: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=16770616798</p>

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