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  • zhaolili
    zhaolili wrote:
    <p>one time job</p> <p>Those countries’s people are needed: German,French, Dutch,Finnish,Portuguese,Swedish,Poland,Czech,Slovak,Hungarian,Slovenian,Russian,Turkish,Greek,Arabic,Romanian.</p> <p>If you would like to do the job,for saving your time we can arrange time and visit you。. (when you do the job ,you need prove you are native passport holder and you are native language speaker.i just look at your passport)</p> <p>The Job is very simple: Just copy letters in your native language using a computer based handwriting program. No translation required. The work load is certain,it will take you about 25mins,for saving your time,i can visit you.the salary is paid according to the workload,not time。the pay is 50yuan.</p> <p>We will use the research to improve handwriting recognition on cell phones. Older phones require you type your message, sometimes using an incredibly small keyboard, this can be aggravating. </p> <p>My name is Ana, my cellphone number is 13716909147.</p>

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