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    lijiapanda wrote:
    <p>Are you interested in the Chinese culture and language?? Contact us at lypchren@capitalmandarin.com for further information!</p> <p><strong>Intensive Chinese lessons (Beijing, China)</strong></p> <p>http://www.capitalmandarin.com/english/chinese_program/summer_camp.html </p> <p>Target Group 1) We promise to make a total beginner handling all the daily routine into 60hours 2) We promise to make a intermediate learner having suitable Chinese self-learning ability into 60hours 3) We promise to make a advanced learner having strong sense of Chinese language and culture into 60hours Features: 1) Very useful for daily life 2) Improve the skills of Chinese speaking and Chinese listening 3) Fundamental Chinese element, including pinyin, tone, useful characters 4) Focused on practical oral Chinese, help communication easier and easier 5) Using multi-teaching method to improve your Chinese as soon as possible. </p> <p>When you sent email and get Chinese lessons information to our school, please tell us the website you know our school, then you can get one book for free.</p> <p>For more mandarin courses information, please contact: www.capitalmandarin.com E-mail: info@capitalmandarin.com Tel: 010-65925672</p>

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