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  • Amanda
    Amanda wrote:
    <p>Hi people in Xi'an or who have been there, my friend and I will be in Xi'an for a couple of days, besides seeing those traditional bulidings, we also wanna check out the bars or clubs in Xi'an. So it would be highly appreciated if u guys could recommend some nice bars/clubs there, especially around Zhonglou(钟楼) area. Thanks in advance!</p>
  • Chai Chu
    Chai Chu wrote:

    Well, Rockstar Mooney got the clubs, about nearest bars, you guys can check out the Park Qin (@ShuYuan Youth Hostel, a place to meet & talk to people, local and travellers), Belgium Bar (good beer), and other bars along the city wall near the South Gate. there are 我是丽江 (tinny but cute), and some jazz places there.

    for good live bars in the east side of the old city (not far from the bell tower), check On The Road 在路上酒吧 and 光圈 Bar (not easy to find, better make a call)

    or bars a bit far, like

    King Garden Bar (beautiful yard, classy deco, but I don't remember they serve cocktails), and Green Molly in Gaoxin.


  • Chai Chu
    Chai Chu wrote:


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