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    MY Chinese Study wrote:
    <p>Do you know how to say American slangs in Chinese?</p> <p>Such as 1、Word:come easily yì rú fǎn zhǎng Sentence:Study Chinese come easily for some people. Xué xí hàn yǔ duì yǒu de rén lái shuō yì rú fǎn zhǎng . 2、Word:don’t have a cow bié dà jīng xiǎo guài Sentence:Don’t have a cow!<br /> Bié dà jīng xiǎo guài de ! For more information about American slangs in Chinese, please check: Website :www.mychinesestudy.com Blog:http://www.mychinesestudy.com/blog/2012/my-chinese-summer-camp.html</p>

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