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    Siren wrote:
    <p><a href="http://www.capitalmandarin.com">link text</a>很多外国人来到中国,他们对中国对中国功夫很感兴趣,他们逢人就问:你可以交我中国功夫吗?不少外国人认为每一个中国人都会中国功夫,你认为呢? Many foreigners come to China,they are interested in Chinese Gongfu than learn Chinese,they ask Chinese people who when they come across:"Could you teach me Chinese Gongfu?" A lot of foreigners think that every Chinese people all can do Chinese Gongfu.Do you think so?</p>
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  • Sakura
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  • №❶ Passioη


  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    I thought that when I first came to China to live ('04) I would be able to find a talented gongfu teacher. I wanted to build upon my japanese martial arts base. It was only after living here for about 6 months that I realised it is far easier to learn an eastern martial art in the west - most of the most skilled and talented teachers had left the country by the 80s.

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