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  • Matt
    Matt wrote:
    <p>Hey guys,</p> <p>This is Matt, casting manager of an excellent commercial production company in Beijing. We are going to shoot a TV commercial in a stadium next month and we need to organize at least two teams of excellent soccer players (favorably professionals). Therefore:</p> <p>a. If you are a player, please send over your dressed pictures to me and bring me more of your team members if you could. b. If you are a referee, please let me know. c. If your friends are actors as well as players, that'll be much better. d. If you have connections with amateur soccer clubs, it'll be great!</p> <p><strong>What you can benefit:</strong> a. If you are a player, you could make more friends who have the same interest. b. Participants would be paid some pocket cash. c. If you are excellent enough in acting, you would be signed as an actor for commercial shootings with our company. d. You would me with the best commercial production team in Beijing, and you would have free meals and drinks. d. You would have friends like me... ;-D</p> <p><strong>Requirements:</strong> a. Your body shape should be good, especially the muscle on your legs. b. You should have excellent soccer skills and and make at least seemly professional moves. c. You need to at least speak English. d. A good-looking face is preferable. e. Expats only. Sorry, my Chinese friends. Wish you could understand :(</p> <p>If you or your friends are interested, please feel free to contact me by emailing me at: 307951074@qq.com</p> <p>Please note that the format of the title is: Soccer-name-nationality</p> <p>Or you can text me at 15110053238 with the same content. Please do not call, cuz I'll be quite busy answering. Thanks! Looking forward to meet-ups.</p>

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