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    MY Chinese Study wrote:
    <p>After the intensive survival Chinese course of MY Chinese Study in popularity, MY Chinese Study offers the new breeze and survival mandarin course including basic Chinese, Survival Chinese, listening comprehension and Spoken Chinese. </p> <p>Furthermore, the textbook and teaching materials are edited by MY Chinese Study teaching team, according to the intensive survivor’ own learning curve and their real needs and topics.</p> <p>Ten days, ten survival Chinese topics including: 1. Pinyin &amp; Greeting and Introduce yourself 2. Taking a taxi, Position and ask the way 3. Ordering in the restaurant 4. How to bargain with local Chinese 5. Find an accommodation 6. Shopping 7. Buy train or air tickets 8. A telephone call 9. Talking about schedule and time 10. Sports and leisure </p> <p>Schedule: EVERY DAY: 9:30-12:30 &amp; 13:30-16:30 (6Hours per day). </p> <p>Group class size: 2-4 </p> <p>To register this course, please email us to info@mychinesestudy.com or 24 hour hotline:15601345153</p> <p>Check details on http://www.mychinesestudy.com/showblog.php?id=27&amp;type=news</p> <p>About MY Chinese Study</p> <p>MY Chinese Study is one of the top private Chinese language schools in Beijing China, providing mandarin classes and cultural activities to students worldwide. Whether you simply want to learn Chinese, join a summer course, or you want to get tips about how to write Chinese characters. MYChineseStudy always has what you are looking for.</p> <p>Our main institute is located in SanliTun, Beijing, which is famous for the bar street and international atmosphere. It might be difficult to find a better place than ours, where you can balance study and leisure time so easily! We offer a full range of services that include Chinese courses, online Chinese study, cultural activities, accommodation and airport pick-up. We also plan study tour and summer courses in China. You can start your worry-free Chinese language journey with us when you set foot in Beijing, please remember that you always have a family to go, and we are ready to help you.</p>

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