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  • Colin Friedman
    Colin Friedman wrote:
    <p>Hi guys </p> <p>We are currently finalising the venue for the 4th annual Expat Service Expo and we have narrowed it down to two options. </p> <p>One option is Sanlitun Soho</p> <p>The other option is next to the Galleria in Sanyuan Qiao.</p> <p>In both instances it will be a FREE three day event.</p> <p>To which venue would you prefer to go in order to visit and participate in this great event?</p> <p>Why?</p>
  • Father Of Boring

    The place where all the foreigners regularly gather to get drunk.... or... next to IKEA amidst a mess of highways heading to the airport.

    Afuckinmen. Nobody's going to the Galleria for this.

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