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  • Lao Lee
    Lao Lee wrote:
    <p>• Axiom 1: Feeling is non-spatial. • Axiom 2: Feeling is real and physical/material. • Axiom 3: Any experience, even an abstract thought I know I am having, is, in fact, a feeling. • Axiom 4: The self/I is ‘feeling’. • Axiom 5: The self/I is a stream of feelings. • Axiom 6: Every feeling represents some idea/concept/thought. • Theorem 1: The self/I is an NSTP (Non-Spatial Thinking Process). • Conjecture 1: Space, the one in which peculiar phenomena like quantum nonlocality exist, is mere (non-spatial) feeling. • Conjecture 2: Superhuman thoughts, representing the empirical laws (i.e. being responsible for the empirical order, e.g. gravity, quantum non-locality, etc., in the non-superhuman NSTP/s), exist in the form of (non-spatial) feelings. • Conjecture 3: There is a possibility of the reality of space, the space in which phenomena like quantum non-locality do not exist.</p> <p><a href="http://scireprints.lu.lv/106/1/NSTP_Theory.pdf">source</a></p> <p>Anyone care to share comprehension?</p>
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    The six axioms stated above are meant to be ‘self-evident truths’. That is, they are not mere postulates. Now, it may be that none of them is self-evident according to the reader. However, all of them are self-evident according to the author. A simple mathematical axiom, like if p implies q and if p is true then q is true, for example, may not be selfevident according to a person of extremely poor intellect. In the same way, the 6 axioms, involving relatively much profound, hard-to-understand concepts, may potentially be ‘non-self-evident’ (i.e. self-evidently incomprehensible) according to a human of average intellect.

    Whether you believe or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is I believe.

    There's a reason this is in the Creative Commons instead of a peer-edited journal. The author doesn't show his work.

  • Chai Chu
    Chai Chu wrote:

    Boyz, boyz, here we are cracking the harcore problem of consciousness!!

    Axiom 2: Feeling is real and physical/material.

    Feeling is reall and ??? physical/material?

    feeling is real, this can well be justified by our use of the reference of "REALNESS". Feelings do exist in a real way (might be the only thing we can ever be sure of), I agree. AND feeling does have a neurological basis and require certain exterior input or self-stimulus, but this doesn't mean that feelings are physical/material, but that feelings got physical/material basis. e.g. the redness IS NOT identical or anywhere near 0.77-0.62um wavelength + synapses + dendrite + all neurochemistry and neuroelectricity. Redness is subjective, and, feeling is not physical/material.

    Axiom 6: Every feeling represents some idea/concept/thought

    hmm, really? I'm doubtful, just a gut feeling. you know, the natural language is pretty fucked up when talking about these kind of things.

    I am still playing with the intended conveyed thought processes... If the self is non-spacial feelings and feelings represent ideas, concepts and thought.. then nothing is real.. merely an illusion. The concet of self is a feeling perceived by an illusion as my self is an illusion created by feelings of self?

    something is real, just not in the way we perceive it. it's the same situation for butterflies and cats, they are cool, and we are cool. The self, to me, is the number one miracle in the world. Enjoy!

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