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    Voomga wrote:

    Disclaimer: This may not be in the spirit of this forum, as this is a Job posting. However, if you love games this is a great opportunity to see some of the newest web games on the Market, make connections in the gaming industry within China and abroad. You can work and play at the same time. Passion is the most important part.

    If you have a passion for games and would like to work for a fast growing game company, if you are fluent in Chinese and one of the following languages (Thai or English), then we would like you to join our team.

    Voomga is looking for bilingual Thai and English speakers to assist in online game development projects and help form a winning team at China's largest Browser game company. From creative writing to Marketing and partnership development, if you have a passion for the gaming industry this your opportunity to live the dream.

    Please send your resume to VoomgaModerator@gmail.com and remember to Dream Big!

  • Father Of Boring

    So. How much is Voomga paying? I'm sure you're well aware anyone you want working for you already has an idea of the value of their time, and would appreciate not having to waste time composing emails to get a general range.

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