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    <p>Job Description(职位描述): 1、In according with the arrangements and requirements of the school, complete teaching tasks in conformity with the specified quality, quantity, and timing. 根据学校的安排,按时按量完成授课任务。 2、Record attendance and learning situations of trainees timely, honestly, and accurately 及时记录学员出勤及学习情况,保证授课质量。 3、Design and prepare teaching plans and materials on time and in line with the quantity and qualityspecified by the school. 根据学校的教学要求,按时、按量编写和准备课程教案。 4、 Assist the management of students’ enrollment and examinations. 协助学校对学生入学、测试进行管理。 5、Participate in social activities organized by the school which will be calculated within the teaching hours. 参与学校组织的社会活动(计算为课时)。</p> <p>Requirements(任职要求): 1、Native English speakers from USA/Canada/UK/Australia etc.(以英语为母语的外籍教师) 2、Punctual, and good communication skills(准时,良好的沟通技巧) 3、Bachelor degree or have minimum two years teaching experience(本科学历或有两年以上教学经验) 4、Patient, enthusiasm for teaching and high sense of responsibility. (有教学的积极性、热情和高度的责任感) 5、Working Area: BeiJing Haidian area(工作区:北京海淀区)</p> <p>If you are interested in this position, please send your documents as follows by email . 1. Copy of the first page of your passport; 2. Resume. Please state your full name, country of residence ,Email address ,home address and phone number with a description of your academic history and teaching experience ; 3. A duplicated copy of education certifications (esp. Degree certificate) 4. A recent photo</p> <p><strong><em>*tangrenzhaopin@sina.com</strong> TEl:010-82866721</em>*</p>

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