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  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee wrote:
    <p>I wanna go to middle east for traveling next year, working on a plan now, does anyone have any suggestions of where to go? Maybe we can go together, haha, or I'll go alone. I'm thinking of Iraq, Jordan and Syria....</p>
  • Walid
    Walid wrote:


  • Walid
    Walid wrote:

    yeah am lebanese ...

  • Jonas Ekeli
    Jonas Ekeli wrote:

    yes, now that Lebanon is a must, haha, thanks people

    @Joep, I've read something about Jordan, it's in my plan, thanks mate. you guys are very helpful :)

  • Lynn
    Lynn wrote:

    im also planning to go middle east, starting this December.briefly, the plan is Libya - Egypt - Lebanon - Jordan - Saudi - Yeman - Oman - UAE - Iran -Iraq - Afganistan.

    iv heard you can not visit Lebanon if you previously visited Israel. actually, u probably can NOT visit any middle-east muslim country if u visited Israel....and iv heard Lebanon rocks for clubbing:P

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