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  • Peter S 李贝勒
    Peter S 李贝勒 wrote:
    <p>Hi!</p> <p>1st/ I  did a lot of gigs in beijing. Many events for differents famous brands. "mercedes, roll royce, porsche..." agents call me and ask me a band, i find the musicans team and the show is going on... Problem is never the musicians but the singers!!!</p> <p>That's why i m looking for singers... Contact me if u are or if u know someone, i always answer to everybody. And i ll be glad to meet u.</p> <p>2/ i m teaching bass since 15years, and i m garduated with distinction from MAI a famous school in france. I did 2 jazz conservatories... So!!! If u want to learn bass, or want to arrange or create songs, or if u have a question about music, (which scales on which chords, how to create melodies, harmonies, etc...) Ask me! I m always glad to share and teach...</p> <p>Take care of u all!</p> <p>"Open ur minds, be curious, hang out, see concerts, plays, meet people"</p> <p>Peter S</p>
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  • Peter S 李贝勒

    @"saintro" Lirycs from "The Doors"

     Bass player are never the "stars". If i wanna be famous, i choosed to be singer or to play guitar. :-)  And u should relax and take it easy, or u ll finish with an ulcer.

    @"Rockstar" :-) About this movie. An anecdote. Severals songs were wrote before the movie, (All I Do Is Dream of You, You Were Meant For Me ou Would You) The writers had to incorporate perfectly these songs in the story.

    About musical comedy, an another anecdote. In the beginning of the creation of "West side story", nobody believe in the project, nobody want to give money. Producers thought that it was to dark to be a succes. Finally, after several years  they gave birth to something who became a reference of this esthetic. Maybe "THE" reference?

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