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  • Saint - Spartacus
    Saint - Spartacus wrote:
    <p>it's incredible that at 22h30 nearly DongZhiMen , there are 50 or even more taxi waiting for their customer, but when i ask to take me home at xi ba he , they all refuse me , only one of them say yes but ask me to pay double price ... i'm walking down the street waiting for almost 30 minute to succeed to get a taxi ... not take a shortcut neither. maybe , it just because '' IT'S MY DAY '' ... > &lt;</p>
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  • Patrick Coleman

    thats is 1 god damn reason i become a rider again, same as high school days, riding cruiser around town and out of town, enjoy the wind, cold, sun,rain, getting back to nature. i love beijing.

    get a bike bro, and ride together!

  • Mengmeng
    Mengmeng wrote:

    try taxi hotline 96103 to set up time and place to pick you up, pay extra ¥3.

    About December last year, the media had covered the problem. Seems it has something to do with the functioning of taxi companies.

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    Hahahahaha ... I have reviewed all photos of Shirley, many times, and I still have trouble believing that any taxi driver, other than the types (and could not be too many more) that I had mentioned, would refuse to take her anywhere ...

    Anyway ... I of course have been refused to go places in for the last few years in Beijing, but I think the reason is justifiable ...

    If a driver lives over at South 4th Ring (or even South 3rd, for example), but someone wants to go to North 4th or East 4th, and knowing that there is a huge chance he might not pick up anyone on the way back, the driver has the right to think about the possibility ...

    I am sure many of you would jump up and say that there is "risk" with this kind of business, and that they should have thought about it before they chose this kind of work, and I would agree ... but, of the limited number of places I have lived in, Beijing, as well as most cities in China, has the cheapest taxi fare ... I had talked to a few of them in the past, with my fairly broken Mandarin and over-friendly brainless smile, and was told that they make about 3000 or so per month, which, for most of you, that's only pitiful ...

    just jump in and don't leave; they are taxis and should take you anywhere you want

    Even though there are "bad" taxi drivers in Beijing or otherwise, also, many people in China still hold the view that "customers are gods", please remember that customers and drivers alike, like you and me, are also human, and some of them are trying to make a decent living ... and such "just jump in and don't leave" attitude is a fairly 无赖 attitude, and anyone with a heart and education would surely not do this (dont mean to be racist, but I have seen a few foreigners doing this at Sanlitun, though they did look stoned or drunk) ... I dont have much education, but I have a heart ... do you?

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    (continued) ... DM, kind of busy this morning, so dont have time to analyse whether you attracts dicks, or your dick attracts metal ...

    One thing though ... there are bigger fish to fry, so to speak ... and believe it or not, many drivers are not themselves, they use false IDs ...

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