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  • Grace Han
    Grace Han wrote:
    <p>I'm flying out from the UK next Sunday (18th) to Beijing and staying for about 4 days before heading to SH.</p> <p>During my stay in Beijing I'm planning a day trip to Mutianyu Great Wall, so wondering if anyone'd fancy come along? Altho, I havn't worked out how to get there just yet...sure there'll be many ways. My dates are flexible, I can go any day between 19th to 21th, as it's weekdays, so I assume it won't be as busy there as wknds.</p> <p>Other than that, I'll also be visiting many other attractions, so if any of you on here are new/travelling to Beijing, feel free to giv me a shout if you want to hang out as travel buddy(ies).</p>

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