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  • Hola_Joanna
    Hola_Joanna wrote:
    <p>hey guys,</p> <p>wanna learn Chinese in Beijing? i think i can help. </p> <p>Graduated in Holland, now i am back to work in China. of course, just like u, i am in Beijing now.</p> <p>i am kinda funny...so no worry for the boring class...;-P</p> <p>let's make friends in this big city!!!</p> <p>the course will be taken place in a very nice Tea-house. and u can get free tea.</p> <p>during the weekend there is a Chinese corner for foreigners in beijing to come over and talk to the others. </p> <p>Sharing is caring!! come to join us!!!!</p> <p>if u r interested in this, message me here!! haha .... hope to see u !!!</p>
  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:
      months and months old, but not a single response...

    I wonder how things worked out for Hola_Joanna, guess we will never know...

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