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  • Moi
    Moi wrote:
    <p>Sooner or later here will not longer be a fantastic city,it is actually not,you could die earlyer than you excepted if you live here for long time...don't except that u will find ur true love in beijing because 90% of beijing girls expect only about money or better life from white guys...US, or EU,or whatever....ya whatever...chinese girls try to be open mind, but it is too much since they dont understand what is that at all,they try to beheave like graceful, somehow it is just fack,they dont even know what is graceful really means,...what they want is not only you but ur background.......trust me...find a way to test it then u will know that i am honest.</p>
  • №❶ Passioη

    how many times do I have to say, the expression "true love" is wrong..

    Welcome back Joligne :)

  • Chai Chu
    Chai Chu wrote:

    girl, life is not all about romance and fuck, there are people out there with sincere non-pussie dreams in China.

  • Patrick Coleman

    sincere non pussy dreams in china - what the hell is that?

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