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  • Brandon
    Brandon wrote:
    <p>invisiblechildren.com</p> <p>This thread is a dedication to the recent development of a movement to remove a theocratic dictator, war monger, child kidnapper, mangler, terrorist and horrid human being who is #1 on the International War Crimes list of criminals. </p> <p>Joseph Kony is a man born out of Uganda, Africa. He steals children and turns them into child soldiers and forces them to commit atrocities that the imagination is even limited in conceiving. There is a recent movement by a global community of caring individuals that unite as one to share a voice at the disdainful and outrageous disbelief which has consumed and shaken our previously peaceful reality. THIS MAN MUST BE STOPPED. I suggest you take the time to look into who he is and spread the word to make him infamous. </p> <p>I want everybody in Beijing to support the cause to stop this man and act together to voice our demand to stopping the actions of Kony and releasing all the children from the brainwashing and life of shameful, sad, and misguided misfortune that they have fallen into. By acting as one, we can prevent the future kidnappings of children and save hundreds and thousands of lives.</p> <p>Tell everybody you know. KONY 2012</p> <p>If you have access to YOUTUBE, search kony 2012 and watch the 29 minute video describing what this movement is really about.</p>
  • №❶ Passioη

    What do you want China to do?

    First reasonable answer gets a free ticket ;)

  • Patrick Coleman

    nothing. I like how china deals with international matters.

    Kony has lost and no power anymore his been hiding this past 2 years, then when oil deposits are discovered in sudan last year, not other countries are opening this up, if you really want to help those kids why not in 2003 where this kony is everywhere and very active,.

  • Simen Wangberg

    What is this Kony 2012 nonsense? Is he running for president or something? His campaign must not be very good, I keep hearing people say bad things about him.

    And yet, no one can seem to stop talking about this "Kony 2012" thing, so I guess he's highly visible, at least.

  • Simen Wangberg

    Yeah seriously. You guys don't even know Uganda's national condition. Child soldiers are one of Uganda's core interests and must be respected. These accusations are baseless and without merit.

  • Patrick Coleman

    correction, those kids are not drafted, they are taken from theyre villages by force, force to kill theyre parents, girls are sold as sex slaves, kids are trained to kill. but that was the past not the present. in sudan by the way.

  • Patrick Coleman

    sorry about that, they all look the same to me.

  • Lady M
    Lady M wrote:

    Behind this video, there are some criticisms...read the whole story here (be patient):


    I still think this is good...doing something is better than nothing...this guys have brought ppl's attention to what was happening...not so many ppl knew Kony before this video was released

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    I was just informed a few hours ago that I am now charged with copy editing my publisher's monthly magazine about China-African relations.

    The whole continent is an oriental mystery to me.

    I expect my liberal guilt to reach critical levels within the coming months.

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