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  • Beijing Aardvarks Rugby Club
    Beijing Aardvarks Rugby Club wrote:
    <p>The Beijing Aardvarks Rugby Club welcomes you to join our weekly Rugby Trainings near CBD on Thursdays @ 720pm (Please Call for specific location). We are gearing up for the 2012 Beijing Cup and the 2012 Shanghai 10's tournament, accompanied with team tours to Xiamen, Chengdu, and other places to list [br] [br] The Beijing Aardvarks RFC is one of Beijing's oldest Rugby Clubs consisting of all ages, skill levels. and nationalities. A truly social community in Beijing centered around the past-times of Rugby &amp; Drink! [br] [br] If you are keen to get some proper training and meet some like-minded lads in Beijing, you're welcome to join! [br] [br] Also, if interested, there are also Tuesday fitness sessions at Chaoyang Park at 7pm. Consists of running, circuits and cardio training[br] [br] contact Marco[br] 15210597834[br] aardvarksrfc@yahoo.com</p>
  • Patrick Coleman

    is there a rugby court in beijing to play?

  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    It's a pitch, not a court, and we play in the Shunyi International schools (Dulwich + ISB) and sometimes at Nongda.

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