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  • Tracy
    Tracy wrote:
    <p><a href="http://www.capitalmandarin.com">link text</a> Free to Learn Chinese</p> <p>Course Consultant Needed</p> <p>Responsibilities:</p> <p>1 Introduce Capital Mandarin School courses to potential customers face to face or via email (including new prospects and old contacts, individual clients and companies)</p> <p>2 Design suitable courses for potential customers and minimize the refund of the course</p> <p>3 Follow up payment installment and guarantee the installment is paid on time and minimize the cancellation.</p> <p>Requirements:</p> <p>1 English native speaker</p> <p>2 Sales Experience or experience on possessing an international sales and service mentality in high-end companies. 3 High level problem solving skills. 4 College diploma or above, Direct sales or education or marketing. 5 Good at using Windows Office Software, e.g. Windows Words, PPT, Excel and etc.</p> <p>Please submit your resume to: lypchren@capitalmandarin.com</p> <p>Address: Room 1006, Van Palace Center West Tower, Jintong East Rd, Chao Yang District, CBD Beijing, China</p>

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