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    nicolis wrote:
    <p>I remember it was my first trip in Beijing with my mother who came to see me in Hangzhou and we travelled to Beijing together. The majestic of the Great Wall, the beauty of the Summer Palace, the pageanty of the Forbbidden City, the pencake of the hotel… We were deeply shocked! And it made it perfect when we went shopping! At that time we lived in a guesthouse at Nanluogu lane named Hutongren. It was the last afternoon and we had no plans. One of the staff Nora was going shopping and asked if we would like to go. We went to a market named Beijing Zoo(extraordinary name) where there were thousands of clothing and other articles of daily use. Wow! I was so excited not only because of the amount but also the price, and so was my mother, cause clothes means a lot in women’s universe!!! Nora became our translator and bargained for us. In two hours my mother bought lots of things to bring back to England. Nora was also a crazy girl and bought a bundle of clothes. Now I still remember that cheap and fashion market and I want to go there twice. So I’m looking for someone who is familiar and can take me there. </p>

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