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    cultureyard wrote:
    <p>J<a href="http://cultureyard.net/studying-chinese/study-chinese-through-songs-beijing/">OIN US FOR A FREE FRIST TRIAL SESSION OF OUR NEW ‘CHINESE THROUGH SONGS’ WORKSHOP ON MARCH 2nd!</a></p> <p>Culture Yard’s language school is creating a new group class called ‘Chinese Through Songs’, it is designed for all level Chinese speakers to improve their conversational, pronunciation and a listening abilities through the teaching of popular Chinese songs.The songs used in the class transcend from all generations and cover all genres. Music plays a large part in China’s culture and history; having a further understanding of classic and pop songs will allow you to understand China’s history through a different voice.</p> <p><a href="http://cultureyard.net/studying-chinese/study-chinese-through-songs-beijing/">Read more...</a></p>

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