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  • hutongren
    hutongren wrote:
    <p>Hi guys, I would like to ask some questions about Chinese Tea. Let me introduce my background first: I am a local Beijinger. I love travelling and have been to many places, that's where all my savings go to:P I love my culture, such as Chinese Tea, calligraphy and Buddhism. To be an entrepreneur is my dream for many years. In 2008 I resigned my job and went to Hong Kong for my master degree. Later on I spent 2 years learning how to run a hostel in Guangdong and I stayed in Tibet to practice what I learnt for 6 months. Last year I came back to Beijing and took over a small hotel with my friend in Nanluogu Lane. More than 80% of our guests are foreigners and we feel really happy to make many friends from different cultures. As both of us are Tea Enthusiast, everyday we'd share very good Chinese Tea with our guests. They all love our tea and would like to take some back home to share with their friends. But the problem is we don't sell tea ourselves, and when they go to local tea shops, such as Wuyutai, or Zhangyiyuan, the tea sellers cannot speak English and the normal tea gifts are all in big containers. </p> <p>That's why we are now thinking about open our public area for Chinese Tea retailing, what's more, we'd like to provide Chinese tea not only to our guests, but also to the local foreigners. My friend and I will select high quality Chinese at reasonable price with relatively smaller containers and beautiful package. Before purchasing, customers could experience &amp; have a taste. Now our questions are:</p> <ol> <li>Would you like to buy Chinese tea as a gift to your friends? And what is price that you think reasonable?</li> <li>If the Tea house is well-designed and quiet, would you like to take your friends to come and have a cup of afternoon tea? If you answer is yes, which style of afternoon tea you prefer? A. Chinese tea: Green tea, Black tea, Pu'Er tea, Oolong Tea, with snacks, such as nuts, dried fruit, Chinese cakes, porridges B. English afternoon tea: Green tea, black tea, with milk, fruit, homemade-jam, biscuit, scone, etc Travelling makes it possible for me to experience different cultures and the willing to share Chinese culture with more people becomes stronger. Our hotel address is No. 71, Xiaoju'er Hutong, Nanluogu Lane. We are renovating the hotel now and will open up again in April. Any friend who helps answer with our questions is highly welcomed to our place and have a cup of high-quality Chinese tea, it's our treat:))</li> </ol>
  • Patrick Coleman

    COFFEEEEEEE no tea for me

    capucino espresso etc.

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