• Seven
    Seven wrote:
    <p>An article on the website~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p> <p>It was told by my friend who came to Beijing last Oct: I’ve been in Beijing with Denis last Oct as the start of my trip in China.We stayed at the hotel Hutongren.The tour was exciting in the historic city with the homelike hotel. It would have been a really nice trip if it didn’t occur. It’s the last night in Beijing, we were walking at the street near the hotel when two young girls came to strike up a conversation. They said they were students of English major and wanted to chat with us. Later they brought us into a Teahouse at Beichizi street which in their statement, was a very good place to experience high quality Chinese tea. I have to say that the two girls knew a lot about Chinese Culture and we talked happily. However, when we settled the accounts around 11 pm we were shocked that we have to pay as much as CNY1400 for the one pot of tea. We didn’t want to pay that much but the girls said that they didn’t have any money with them. At last we have to pay because the staff were around us. The next day when checking out I told Dami, the staff of the hotel, about it. She was surprised and she said the two girls must be cheaters. Some guests of the hotel had been cheated before. Fortunately,we know the name of the tea-house, so she helped us to call the police and we went to the Tea house with the police and got the money back.</p>
  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    This is also known as the FOP con (fresh off the plane). Any foreigner or tourist who has been in this city for more than 2 weeks is well aware of this old chesnut.
    But as they say, a sucker is born every minute. A friend of mine got stung a month ago.
    He called me as it was happening and I negotiated over the phone for a 1300 discount - or I would bao jing (bill was 1500, he spoke no chinese). They accepted. The 'sweet, young, culturally aware' girls are totally part of the con by the way.

  • Christian Hansen

    Never order a cup of tea if you do not know its price ... lol

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