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  • Morticia
    Morticia wrote:
    <p>so what u guys think about bi girls.dont always tell me 3some,something more creative and respective~</p>
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    Hahahahahaha ... Kyle, when you said "hung", did you mean "well hung" by any chance, like, with a strap-on?

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    Hahahahaha ... I just think that it sounded silly to begin with, if one should "subset" a particular group because of their sexual orientation ... and, they would be even sillier if they "subset" themselves, or, see themselves any difference from others, only because of their own sexual orientation ...

    Anyway, for the sake of relevance ... hahahaha, if it makes you happier ... my answer is "they are just human being with different requirement" ...

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    (continued) ... true ... however, "pedos" are often associated with moral and legal issues in many places and countries, although, there might be places on this earth where sex with minors is OK ... on the other hand, "bisexual" is not "illegal", right? and who said anything about "maturity"? heehee ...

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    Hahahahaha ... you were the one who started with the "pedos" discussion, right? You might want to answer that yourself :)

  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    (why the fucking >edit option doesn't work!!?!?)

    From an aesthetic point of view, that feature makes interesting some characters in some books, movies.... I think my prefered is: Makiko Kito (>Yukio Mishima)... (plus, those damn super straights vamps, that only drink blood of the opposite sex, are fucking boring!! :P Sincerely, what kind of male vampire refuses drink the blood of other man? yes!!! pussy vampires, drama undead queens like Edward !!!! A real vamp like Lestat doesn't give a shit about those things, blood is blood , fuck!

    From my experience, I have seen some classmates trying to be bisexual (fucking possers) during their time in the Uni (Human science campus :p ). They love talk about this in the coffe time, their period of experimentation.... Any way, the real one that I met, was an artistic painter (one of those who can gain money with their art..). She was in love with the human beauty, in all shapes and ways...

    From my classes of Anthropology, I learnt bisexuality is pretty nature. Heterosexual of homosexual, is more related with a sociological process. Try to change your sexuality, when is already formed, in your adult period, is more about traumatic experiences and psychology...

    Personally, i'm too jealous to have a bisexual gf, there are plenty of young bitches in their experiment period around, they can steal my gf!!

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Pity that the mainstream gay rights movement is so ideologically dead-set on homosexuality being genetic (and fixed). Bisexuals typically end up getting left out in the cold.

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