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  • xfl6848
    xfl6848 wrote:
    <p>Dear All, </p> <p>I am new here but looking for someone to play snooker or pool with me..... or someone who is good and willing to teach (I can play but not very good and want to be better at it). I live around Dongzhimen, so anyone willing to play around Dongzhimen or Sanlitun would be the perfect choice for me. Anyone is interested, you can post here or email me at xfl6848@hotmail.com. </p> <p>Thanks all, </p> <p>~S</p>
  • Patrick Coleman

    any place to play pool in dongzhimen?, im not good at snooker but im lucky at playing 9 ball, luckier at 8 ball, just not lucky enough at straight pool. lets have a game then.

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    Hahahahahaha ... once, a friend asked me to teach her son, so I even brought my own cue all the way from Oz ... now, the cue stays in the room ... but anyway ...

    any place to play pool in dongzhimen

    I am sure there is, though not exactly at DZM, being that it is now a fairly busy CBD kind of area ... if you dont mind a little bit further away, maybe you can go here:

    轩隆台球俱乐部 84255566 和平西街乙79号500m2 [br]

    金坛台球城 67023552 天坛东侧路31号600m2 [br]

    梦想成真俱乐部 84001888 东四十条94号(万信商物大厦)800m2

    (I just googled, and found these three from here: http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/55710276.html) ... but this was answered in 2008, so they might or might not be there anymore :)

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  • J WU
    J WU wrote:

    We always play at 云川 (zuojiazhuang) prob 15mins drive from dongzhimen , if you wanna play, let me know~ but there is only one snooker table and the rests are american pool..

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