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    My thread...


  • Ajantha Manohar


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    The plutocratic elites of both the United States of Asia and the Celestial Bureaucracy of America are scheduled to change in this most terrible year of our lol, two-thousand-and-twelve. This is auspicious. As long as everyone in the circlejerk is changing hands at the same time, why don't we see if it's true that it feels better when someone else does it for you?

    Is it too late for Bo Xi Lai to join the Republican primaries?

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    Chinese government is slowly becoming more respectable, while American government is becoming more of a joke.



    Meanwhile in Michigan, Mittens might have his hands full with Santorum (Detroit News)

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    Religion (Protestantism) is very American,

    I think is like freedom of speech, private property, gun rights....

    [...] SEC. 16. That religion, or the duty which we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence; and therefore all men are equally entitled to the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience; and that it is the mutual duty of all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity toward each other.

    In times of social and economic crisis, religions need be harmonized (in the creepy chinese sense of this word) inside democracies.

  • Simen Wangberg

    Santorum has really surprised me lately. I didn't think Santorum could ever come up from behind, but Santorum has managed to avoid directly smearing the opposition while still invigorating Santorum's core constituency. I never thought I'd say this about Santorum, but Santorum's efficacy has been remarkable.


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    Religion (Protestantism) is very American

    And yet the party that traditionally represented mainline Protestants is torn between a Catholic and a Mormon.

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    I have to disagree, because I'm from those backwoods, and of course because disagreements are my thing, man. A Santorum nomination would most certainly be a death knell for the current incarnation of the Republican National Committee--something I might find myself thinking about when I touch myself at night--but on the state and local levels it'd be the same as another Dubya run, with clandestine church groups chartering buses on election day to ensure that only their kind of poor people are making it to the polls. Moreover, the Xtianists will sympathize with Santorum for being persecuted by a bunch of fags on the Internet. This is how Democrats lose the culture war even though they've won every battle. Crosstitutes get off on the perception of persecution. They're kinky like that.

    I'd actually prefer to see Gingrich or Romney win the nomination, because then the debate will be framed in economic terms, which Obama will win, with socialism. When he extended the Bush II tax cuts conveniently until election season, he wasn't acquiescing. He was doubling down.

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