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  • bridgette
    bridgette wrote:
    <p>Dear sir</p> <p>Thank you for applying for this part-time job.</p> <p>We are looking for foreigners for voice recording.Native speakers of English from the United States, or Canada.</p> <p>We would like you to send us a demo by email. In the demo we want you to read a passage or an essay in a slow and clear way. </p> <p>And we want you to know that we don't pay for the demo. We will first check your voice and if that's what we need, we will contact you later and then the cooperation begins. The payment then will be counted by hour, the payment is RMB150-200/hr.</p> <p>We hope you have your own recording equipment.</p> <p>If you are interested, Please send your demo to this Email:46526556@qq.com Feel free to ask if you have any questions.</p> <p>Best wishes!</p>

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