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  • Winnie
    Winnie wrote:
    <p>I definitely felt stupid that I started buying DVDs now. I used to have a lot of them but I got rid of most of them. Now I think maybe some of you have the same experience.</p> <p>with the purpose of minimize expenses on the non-essentials,I'd like to make a proposal to the Sanlitun Community resident that we can exchange DVDs.</p> <p>Method: the plan is to come up with a SANLITUN DVD EXCHANGE LIST. Whoever have DVDs and want to borrow or swap DVDs can contribute their list and I think I can manage to compile them. But your info is necessary to make this work. </p> <p>Your name, and the way you can be reached(email or phone, whichever you feel most comfortable)</p> <p>Or a simple way,</p> <p>I just got two DVDs yesterday(Romeo and Juliet, Roman Holidays) and will like to lend them in exchange of other movies. so if you have movies from the 1950-1970s,or Shakespears Movies, you are who I am looking for. I enjoy most movies, but no horror please.</p> <p>Reply for more info or if you want to borrow mine. PM me. Good day, Winnie</p>

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