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    <p>A case of parent's love in China</p> <p>---<strong>Father Forces 10-Year-Old Daughter to Eat Feces As Punishment</strong></p> <p><a href="http://www.chinasmack.com/2012/stories/father-forces-10-year-old-daughter-to-eat-feces-as-punishment.html">link text</a></p> <p>The above news clip reports that the father uses this method as punishment when his daughter misbehaves. The incident occurred at 3:40pm February 3rd at a shopping center in Hangzhou. The father had purchased some newspapers on their way home, which his daughter apparently threw on the ground. Angry, and with his daughter crying loudly, he dragged her to the men’s restrooms.</p> <p>Several witnesses are interviewed. The woman in the red jacket says the father used a folded advertisement leaflet to pick up the excrement and that the father looked sophisticated and around 30 years old. The next woman wearing purple says the father first smeared the excrement on the daughter’s face and mouth. She walked over and tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen. She saw the father try to stuff the feces into her firmly shut mouth. Another woman wearing dark gray says she asked him why he doesn’t eat the feces himself first. A young woman wearing black says the father repeatedly fished out excrement and tried to stuff them into the little girl’s mouth.</p> <p>Bystanders immediately tried to stop him and called the police. The police officer interviewed says many physically intervened, some trying to block the father, pushing him away, others pulling the child away. “Such a disgusting thing, he had to be stopped.”</p> <p>When police investigated, they learned that the man is a university graduate, from another province, and divorced. After evaluations, he was determined to not suffer from any mental illness. Because the daughter is not yet 10 years old and her father has full custody, the police let him go home after giving him a lecture.</p> <p>Several experts are interviewed suggesting such things as the father possibly releasing his anger at his wife upon his daughter. A lawyer says the mother, close relatives, or close friends can appeal to the courts to change custody. The news anchor at the end explains what could happen in America, and that action should be taken to prevent this from happening again rather than waiting for it to happen again before doing something.</p> <p><img src="http://img.chinasmack.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/china-6-year-old-girl-long-term-abuse-by-father-with-fire-tongs-125x125.jpg" alt="alt text" /></p> <p>[embed]http://swf.ws.126.net/v/ljk/neteaseplayer/NetEaseFlvPlayer.swf?pltype=6&amp;topicid=0085&amp;vid=V7OG1HT51&amp;sid=V7M3CBCH5&amp;threadCountPath=http://v.163.com/comment/0085/videonews_bbs/51/7OG1HT51008535RB.js&amp;threadListPath=http://comment.v.163.com/videonews_bbs/7OG1HT51008535RB.html&amp;advxml=undefined[/embed]</p>

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