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    Martian wrote:
    <p>First of all, I'm not trying to be rude or anything here, I don't hate China or Chinese people, it's just I don't like the way they play football. I really hate it! Just came back from the football pitch at my uni, I play there 2-3 times a week mostly with chinese guys, it's a good way of making new friends and practicing the language. But, there are very few people who can play at a decent level. Well, it's not a big deal if you don't play very well, but how can you improve your game if: 1. You play 11-12 a side on a 5 a side pitch!? There are always more than 20 people on a small pitch running after the ball. It gets very messy! I told them let's play on a bigger pitch, there is plenty of space, or split into 3 teams, but they always say it's 麻烦 and don't want to run too much. what the... 2. There are no corners! If you pressure them into the box, they'll just kick the ball out of bounce and play goal kick -.- 3. There are no free kicks and a bunch of rules are just ignored.</p> <p>There are so many more things that I don't like and I know it won't do any good for themselves if they continue playing their own way. I really don't like playing like this, but I just don't have a choice. Can't wait for my buddies to come back and play some decent football when the league starts.</p> <p>Are there any guys who think the same way?</p>
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    Hahahahaha ... let's just say that even though Chinese are great as "team player", they don't do well in large teams .... e.g. they do OK in basketball, right?

    It's like playing Maj Jong ... my mother loves the game, it helps to keep her mind running and engaged, but, for many reasons, they play different rules at either of the pensioner gatherings that she often went to, so being that most of the people have an "unknown" future (hell, they are in their 70 or 80, and some people do "disappear"), she decided to adopt their rules instead of teaching them what might be "right", or, at least a better way to play ...

    If you intend to live here for another decade or so, and continue playing soccer (football) with more or less the same group of people, do continue the good work of teaching them the proper soccer rules, otherwise, just have fun at it and dont get frustrated over it, because after all, you wanted to have fun to play it, right?

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    bow legs? x:

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