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  • Danny 小新
    Danny 小新 wrote:
    <p>Anyone have Xbox live and want to game sometime ? Steam account name is the same My steam/gamer tag is RyuZell</p>
  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong wrote:

    I'm another victim from the shitty quality of the early version of xbox:( Also, my stupid account has been banned since I cracked it for the illegal game copies. Anyway, the new module of xbox I mean the slim version is bloody awesome, I don't recommend u guys crack it for the bloody cheaper illegal copies. U know you can buy the latest version from HMV(Hongkong)

  • Lily
    Lily wrote:

    i can only play legal games cos i updated my system to 3.0, i was told my XBOX can not jail break, anyone has legal disk for exchange?

  • Lily
    Lily wrote:

    @pete, inluding kinect games? i like play kinect game more. i got a fruit ninja yesterday.

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