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    3C wrote:
    <p>Suppose there, and your pet was captured by the aliens for doing experiments.The aliens are defeated, you went to the police station to claim the pet, they found three pets: A pet, appearance are exactly the same as yours, but the behavior is completely different, do not recognize you (might mind been changed) B pet, breed is different from the original, but exactly the same behavior, and do not recognize you (maybe memory about you part has be erased) C, varieties, habits are different, but very affectionate (which may be transplanted to your memory). which one would you choose? 大白话: 假设有一天,你的宠物被外星人抓走做实验。外星人被打败后,你去警察局认领宠物,却发现了三只:A外貌和自己的宠物完全一样,但行为习惯完全不同,也不认识你(可能脑子被换了) B品种和原来不同,但行为习惯完全一样,但不认识你(关于你的记忆被抹去了) C品种、行为习惯都不同,但对你很亲热(可能被移植了对你的记忆)。你会选哪只?</p>

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