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  • 3C
    3C wrote:
    <p>Hypothetically, you fell in love at first sight, and you got his/her qq number.After two months chat, you found him/her is very patient,funny and smart although sometimes he/she gave an irrelevant answer, you still want to start a relationship. then you ask her/him out,found out that he/she just came back from “East African Rift Valley”, she/he didn't log on qq at all, instead he/she installed a chat robot,and forgot to turn it off . But he/she is actually interested in you, will you be together with him/her? 大白话: 假设你对一个人一见钟情,要到了对方的qq聊了两个月后觉得对方虽然时常有些答非所问,但很有耐心很有趣,还才思敏捷,便有心与对方结秦晋之好。约对方见面却发现对方才刚从“东非大裂谷”回来,一直没上q,不过装了一个聊天机器人外挂,出门时忘了关电脑。不过对方也对你有心,你会跟对方在一起吗?</p>
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  • Brenda Liu
    Brenda Liu wrote:

    not before i get to know the real him

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    First thing you should ask yourself:

    What does it say about me that I fell in love with a 'Chat Robot?'

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... what has happened to your thread?

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    will you be together with him/her?

    Presuming it's a mutual feeling, A decision to be together is usually an outcome of a quest to converge romantic fantasies with reality, it's a positive trail. So if post-chat robot interaction does not diminish the initial feelings by more than 40%, YES I would remain wanting to be together with him/her

    These days, physical expectations are inflating. You notice most people are less attractive than the virtual impressions they create. WHY? among many other reasons, the increasing reliance on virtual technology for a relationship does not increase an emphasis on the probable thickness of line between virtual impressions and physical realities.

    Chat Robot - when someone is already developing feelings for another whether virtually or physically, he / she tends to admire whatever is positively associated with that person whether tangible or otherwise. Similarly, a chat ID (whether Robot or Not) can be a symbol of psychological connection to a crush... even though it's talking total crap... well, that depends on how strong the impact of the "love at first sight" was ;)

    The modern truth - Perhaps not in equal gravity with the given scenario but yes, it is becoming more natural than ever, for someone to develop feelings for another he/she is yet to spend physical time with. And to upstairs who assume OP is a 'victim of ignorance', she did start with the word "hypothetically".

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    Cherry, You can meet a true lover online.

    Similarly, You can love someone on QQ...

    2 months isn't that long. Love him, he loves you, someday you get to be together. It's that simple.

    Don't go for real life people. they're all snakes

  • Sab
    Sab wrote:

    Meet in real life AFTER 2 MONTH of chat?? No more question....

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    太搞笑!这大白话里面有两句重要·。第一是“一见钟情”, 第二是“对方也对你有心”。假设这个问题三个星期之前出现过,现在你们俩儿会在一起吗? I thought girls only developed internet crushes and sent me pictures of their tits because I was awesome, but then it turned out that they can fall for chat robots. :-(

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