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  • Jared G
    Jared G wrote:
    <p>hi,guys. i need some help as what i said with my title. its my 1st night @ dalian, we just tired to find some club where play good mix music. well, we went to three place...but~~ the music real cant make me up. i will stay in dalian 3 days more. so, if u know any good place plz tell me.very thankful。 亲们~有没有知道大连这边哪有音乐好点的夜店吗? 今天刚到大连想出去玩玩~刚才去了三家可音乐真是...无语了。 还要在这边呆个三天可能,如果你知道有什么音乐好点的夜店话希望可以告诉我。 万分感谢~亲</p>
  • Simen Wangberg

    Try meth.

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